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Personal concert hall

Personal concert hall

The trip by bus will be not more boring for your passengers. With FUNTORO MCA system up to 120 passengers will have the chance to choose from up to 32 audio-channels and listen to favourite music in digital quality. It is not needed to use any MP3 or other player.


All content is stored on the SD card with the capacity up to 32GB in the MCA server. With one server you have 8 audio channels available and thanks to user friendly PC tool, operator can easily manage all content.

Sightseeing BUS

FUNTORO MCA system can be expanded to sightseeing bus system. With connected Telematics server and GPS antenna, specifi c content can be played based on the position of the bus. While the bus is passing an attraction or monument, passengers get the information about it.


Thanks to multichannels capability of MCA server, the information can reach passengers in up to 32 languages. In addition, Telematics server can play the video based on the GPS position, as well. Obviously there is a space for background music and background video playback, while no information is broadcasted. This can be used also for advertisement purpose. With MCA system the operator can effortless and easily pass the right information at the right time to all passengers.

Sightseeing BUS
External sources

External sources

The MCA FUNTORO server can be extended with 4 external audio sources per server so passengers can for example listen to their favourite radio station. Monitors can be connected as well and one channel can be used for movie audio.


With microphone connected to MCA server the driver or the guide has the possibility to interrupt the playback on all channels and to broadcast important audio message to all passengers. The playback is temporarily paused during the Announcement and is automatically restarted when microphone of the driver or the guide is disabled.


Main Features

  • MCA – Multichannel Audio system with digital audio quality
  • Server-Client entertainment system
  • Supports 8 digital audio channels and 4 external AV sources per server
  • SD card capacity up to 32GB – more than 8.000 songs (MP3 at 48 kbps)
  • Up to 4 servers can be connected – 32 audio channels
  • Up to 120 clients per system
  • Microphone Input – announcement interrupts the audio playback on all channels
  • Special design of the receivers – water-resistant and double ear-phone jack
  • User friendly PC tool for content management
  • Power supply 9~36V
  • Easy installation thanks to POE technology – signal and power supply distribution by one cable


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