Press release: FUNTORO MOD system introduced by MOLPIR awarded by Autotec Prix 2010, Bratislava, 8.6.2010

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Press release Autotec Prix



MOLPIR Ltd. introduced at Autotec 2010 in Brno a novelty - media on demand system (MOD) for coaches and luxury buses.

MOD system FUNTORO during it’s European premiere of fully digital version received main prize in the competition for „The most interesting technical product“ of Autotec Prix 2010 award in category - Parts, Components, Accessories.


In demo coach Scania Irizar PB are besides MOD system FUNTORO installed other interesting systems:


  • special low profile satellite antenna enabling reception of favourite TV programmes when driving even on tours abroad
  • digital video recorder (DVR) capturing views from up to 8 cameras with on-line monitoring of bus position and DVR operation status
  • tyres pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) with indication of abnormal states

Shown products increase safety and atractivity of bus transportation and it is only a matter of time when such equipment will be a standard in all buses and coaches types.


Fotografie na stiahutie:

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Video na stiahnutie:


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